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Why not binge watch a series that to me is reminiscent of MTV’s 1992 The Real World where 8 unique characters with.

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Fifteen years later, The L Word is back, and the Rebeccas chat with its new showrunner, Marja-Lewis Ryan, on how the.

We chat with UNTITLED Director.

the most amazing weekend of live music with my closest friends. On one of the afternoons,

When I was 18, I moved to New York City to live with my father because my mother didn’t feel.

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Netflix’s The Circle is the latest hit UK reality series to get the American remake treatment, following in a proud tradition.

In early 2011, in the midst of the Syrian Uprising, a blog appeared called A Gay Girl in Damascus, written by a.

This is of course live TV and it took us by surprise as well.” She concluded: “We really hope that you accept our apology for.

Lesbian Girl live chatThe Circle turns social media into reality TV: a review of Netflix’s U.S. version – Eight people live in an apartment building and communicate only via a social media platform built for the show. They can chat.